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Accelerated testing cycles - KDIT Solutions

Accelerated Testing Cycles

Our approach to develop accelerated testing cycles is to apply subject matter expertise to operational process workflows, using appropriate functional role permissions.

Our cloud-based testing platform allows us or our clients to build reusable business process test components that can be integrated into bigger end-to-end testing processes. Test components or entire processes can be used to perform simple regression testing, functional testing or full user acceptance testing cycles.

In order to better understand our process-oriented approach watch this video which illustrates a typical end-to-end workflow process for Rotating items in IBM Maximo system. In this example we use IBM Maximo 7.6.x. to set up the Rotating items and finally generate serialized Rotating assets.

ROI for BOT --

This End-2-End process takes 1 hour or more manually to perform.

The BOT takes less than 10 minutes to perform the same process. Thus reducing time, effort and business risk.

End-2-End process is broken down in the following stages:

Stage 1 (As Inventory Control User)

Rotating item setup in inventory

Stage 2 (As Procurement User)

Procurement of Rotating Items

Stage 3 (As Warehouse User)

Receiving of rotating items and generation of serialized Rotating Assets

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