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IBM Maximo Solutions

KDIT Solutions, an IBM Business Partner, has been delivering solutions for IBM Maximo starting from version 7.1 and extending all the way to the latest Maximo Application Suite.

Three primary solutions we provide -

- Job role based process workflow automation and validation 

- Performance testing and benchmarking to identify bottlenecks and optimize performance

- Interactive E-Learning solutions for role based process workflow training

You Rely on Maximo
We Make Maximo Reliable


Maximo handles critical aspects of your enterprise.

Can you afford downtime or poor  quality and performance?

Our Solutions


AI-Powered MaxBOT

Automated process workflow validation scenarios by job roles - saving 80% of testing time

200+ pre-built IBM Maximo out-of-box testing scenarios. Ready for IBM Maximo 7.6.x or newer Maximo Application Suite (MAS)

KDIT team builds and maintains MaxBOT as managed services with Service Level Agreements. Your team can execute the scripts 24x7 unlimited times.

Business Process Workflow documentation and reporting created in the system for better clarity

maximo-unlock-performance-colored-light-blue - Copy.png

Performance Optimization

Early-stage bug detection with a thorough assessment 

Identification of main gridlocks and bottlenecks that compromise performance

Operational workflows are simulated for hundreds or thousands of users to create realistic load and pinpoint bottlenecks

Performance benchmarking reports

Performance tuning to remove bottlenecks

AI-Powered MaxBOT

  • Our AI-Powered MaxBOT can validate and automate end-to-end process workflows 80% faster e.g. 1 hour manual testing effort = 10 minutes automated execution.

  • The MaxBOT takes high resolution screenshot and video capture during execution for audit by Subject matter experts. 

  • 200+ pre-built Maximo out-of-box testing workflows inbuilt in the solution

End to End Testing for Maximo Implementation Projects

End to End Testing for Maximo Enhancement Projects

Testing Solutions for Maximo Upgrade

Maximo Sustainment / Support Testing Services

Maximo Test Automation


Transactional Data

Quality for Maximo

MaxBOT saves time & cost validating Maximo workflows & data

with near-zero defects


consistent and accurate


reduced testing time 


cost savings

MaxBOT can run over 10k scenarios to test all the end-user role-based processes across your entire Enterprise.

Group of Engineers

Performance Optimization

There are thousands of reasons your users are experiencing slowness with Maximo system. Often it is difficult, if not impossible, to find and replicate the issue. At KDiT, we carefully test, measure, and adjust your system to function at peak performance and capacity.

Pre-Tuning Benchmarking

KDIT Solutions Performance Icons (8).png

End to End System Analysis

Identified Bottlenecks

Assessed Causation

KDIT Solutions Performance Icons (11).png

Tuning and Adjustments


KDIT Solutions Performance Icons (12).png

Post Tuning Benchmarking

Our Performance Testing focuses on identifying main Bottlenecks and Critical Points that most compromise performance in your system. We help you find where problems are before they impact your Enterprise.

improved user experience

increased productivity

immediate ROI

Keep your business running efficiently without any delays. Decrease the time spent finding bugs in your system and reduce their cost

with regular testing. 

Performance Optimization


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Power Generation

Oil and Gas

Transmission and Distribution


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