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​Millions are being invested in Digital Transformation for market competitiveness. Employee adoption of new processes and tech is vital for success, necessitating continuous training. 

With notable E-Learning advancements, organizations can leverage flexible and effective employee training. E-Learning provides several benefits, including:

  • Convenience and flexibility   

  • Cost-effectiveness

  • Enhanced retention

  • Increased engagement

We elevate e-learning to enhance end users' understanding of business processes. Our approach involves crafting comprehensive, job role-specific workflows that mimic operational day-to-day activities and use real contextual data. This enhances learning comprehension and retention, enabling employees to perform their jobs correctly the first time and thus improve technology adoption.

 We can deliver the E-Learning solutions for the following Enterprise systems -

  • IBM Maximo (Enterprise Asset Management)

  • SAP

  • Oracle Cloud ERP / Oracle JDE

  • Workday

  • PeopleSoft

  • Microsoft Dynamics ERP/CRM
  • Salesforce


  • Infor EAM

Unique Features of our Training solution:

  • Created from same workflow based test scenarios. Hence change management, workflow testing and training are aligned with same amount of effort 

  • Professional voice over (you will be able to select male / female voice over)

  • Watch option - Watch how the workflow is performed

  • Do option - Interactively practice what you learn

  • Knowledge Check - Custom quiz check to measure knowledge gained

  • More custom training measurements are possible. Ask us.

  • We have 200+ pre-built IBM Maximo out-of-box workflows for Asset Management, Preventive Maintenance, Work Management, Inventory and Procurement lifecycles. These workflows can be modified to any organization's workflows and then custom training materials can be prepared.


The following sample training has been prepared on an IBM Maximo system. Please click and review.

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