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Performance Testing & Tuning

Performance testing is essential to ensure that a system can handle all its required workload while maintaining optimal response.

Performance testing - KDIT

Our performance testing focuses on identifying the main bottlenecks and critical points that most compromise performance in your system.

Our approach is focused on making the end-user experience more efficient and stress-free. Our performance testing process starts with a thorough assessment of the conditions of your current system and its integrated processes. Then, we use the assessment to build a realistic model for testing system performance with real tasks. The testing will expose performance bottlenecks in the system that need to be refined or removed. After tuning we again evaluate the system's performance and show improvements backed by reportable data.

Performance testing for environments such as IBM Maximo, SAGE X3, SAP, Oracle JDE, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics ERP/CRM require deep expertise and specialized tools. We have the knowledge and two decades of rich domain experience adapting the best strategies to performance test EAM, ERP and CRM applications.

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