Introducing Max-Bot: The AI-powered tool for IBM Maximo

AI and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The digital transformation occurred due to the implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The fourth industrial revolution is unlike any economic change before it. The transformation rate happening now will soon have repercussions on every level, from production lines to management practices.

According to AI Trends Reports for 2022 published by Renolon about the use of AI in business environment

· The number of enterprises utilizing artificial intelligence has been on a steady rise for the

past two years, increasing by 270%.

· 37% of businesses and organizations employ AI.

· 90% of prominent companies invest in AI.

· 63% of consumers believe AI will be able to solve complex problems in the future.

· 72% of companies using AI believe it will make their jobs easier.

With the investment of many companies worldwide in artificial intelligence, it is expected that this percentage will continue growing steadily. Small and big companies are reorienting their plant to include more AI-powered technology.

The growing demand for AI-based solutions is fueling the creation of new jobs in this field. Once gruelling processes that require hundreds of hours and manpower will become automated.

Using AI to Increase Productivity and Saving Time

More companies have turned to AI for their business, based on its vast benefits. Three out of four organizations see increased productivity or profitability when implementing AI-powered tools.

One of the most substantial benefits lies in using AI tools is the less strain for the workforce. These tools are primarily created to support the personnel and drive their technical capabilities and knowledge to meaningful tasks. AI-powered bots should be in charge of the repetitive and overwhelming parts of the workflow, i.e., endless testing and validating processes for complex enterprises.

AI power system has been used to improve efficiency – vastly in the oil and gas industry, energy, manufacturing and aerospace- by increasing productivity, reducing costs, and improving quality.

Max-Bot, the AI-powered tool for IBM Maximo

Max-Bot is the tool that helps your organization ensure IBM Maximo functions efficiently round the clock in a production environment. We have developed a proprietary testing BOT capable of handling all requirements for Maximo's test phase so your team can focus on more important tasks!

Max-Bot has the flexibility to increase testing volumes while still providing a thorough quality assurance process. Max-Bot can run over 10k scenarios to test all the end-user role-based processes across your entire Enterprise.

· Fully Automated & Ready

· Cloud-based

· 100% consistent and accurate

· 80% reduced testing times

· DIY Executions – Operate Yourself / Pre-Built and Ready

· Better quality and near-zero error

Transformations and Results

Keep Up to Date

With new features, enhancements, process changes and latest features for your tools.

Unburden Your Team

Free up your overworked team from maintenance to keep your system running smoothly for operational Users.

See Ripple Effects

See ripple effects caused in other Enterprise applications due to constant changes and upgrades due to used tool changes.

Max-Bot in Action

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