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Business Process Management End to End

Accelerated testing cycles - KDIT Solutions

Business Process Validation

Robotic process automation - KDIT Solutions

Process Based Continuous Testing with RPA

User acceptance testing - KDIT Solutions

System Performance Benchmarking & Tuning

Robotic process automation - KDIT Solutions

Interactive E-Learning for End Users

Accelerated testing cycles - KDIT Solutions

About us

Our Vision - Making Enterprise Software End Users  Confident and Competent.

We have a 100% cloud based integrated platform with following capabilities:

  • Define and document business process workflows end to end based on operational day in life. This brings absolute business process clarity for the IT team, Business Support Team and other stakeholders.

  • Convert the same business process workflows into manual test scripts that help meeting User Acceptance Testing, Regression Testing and End-to-End testing objectives for the team.

  • The same platform can be used for manual test execution, defect management, quality compliance and testing dashboards / metrics. The defect management can also be 2-way integrated with existing Jira or Azure DevOps tools..

  • Convert the manual test scripts to fully automated test scripts.  No coding, less maintenance.  Test automation is a technical solution. With this unique platform, we bring business process clarity to what has been automated. Save 80% of manual testing time.

  • Convert the video recording of Automated workflows to an Interactive E-Learning solution. The solution can be plugged to any industry standard Learning Management System (LMS). End users can learn the day in life operational workflows online remotely or any time online. This flexible and contextual E-Learning solution enables employees to be highly productive and competent with the Enterprise technologies every day.

  • Lastly, the same automated test scripts can be utilized to benchmark system performance, identify bottlenecks and performance tuning. This ensures increased overall system SPEED for your Enterprise technologies.


We are a passionate team of professionals with 20+ years of industry experience who is driven by our vision to delight Software End Users and help them adopt these Enterprise technologies to perform their jobs more effectively and efficiently every single day. 


Our headquarter is based in Calgary, Canada. We have a registered corporation in USA.  Our team is distributed across  Canada and USA.

Enterprise Applications we work with

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Our Solutions
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Our Partners

Our Partners
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